Fashion Tricks To Add Height For Short Girls

Being a short girl has its perks, but sometimes fashion isn’t always on my side. Though I love being sweet and petite, I’ve caught myself envious of runaway models and how effortlessly they are able to wear long, flowy dresses. You are able to appreciate every stitch and cut because their height allows you to see them evenly.  If I were to try and imitate those looks, I’d look like my younger self playing dress up in my mom’s clothes. 

Fortunately, I’ve learned the secrets to stealing runaway looks and having it complete me all the same on my short stature. A good tailor and a good eye for what truly flatters me. But seriously a tailor is probably the best thing a girl can invest in short or tall! 

Check out easy tricks to give yourself confidence and height. 

Mini Shorts & Skirts

When trying to transform into a taller you, mini is the last thing you would expect to hear. Showing off your legs long or short has the tendency of giving the illusion of height. The hot beating sun in California isn’t the only reason Kourtney K loves herself some mini shorts, she’s in on the secret! By covering her arms with sleeves, wearing her legs bare, and rocking a heel is sure to give you some height and many compliments.


Asymmetrical Cuts

Sometimes less really is more. So the next time you grab for a dress or skirt from your closet, make sure its asymmetrical. Wearing a short and long cut simultaneously tricks the eye into seeing length.  


Pants For Days

Nicole Richie is proud and loud about her shortness, but even she has mastered how to grant herself with some height. Sporting palazzo pants with heels is a stylish trick to giving yourself some extra feet. You can’t tell where her legs end and where her heels begin. 

Turtlenecks & Overdressed

It may seem like Mrs. West is larger than life but she’s only 5’3! How does she grace magazine covers and the TV screen by making us think she’s only a couple of inches shorter than Khloe? One of her staple pieces of the year has been turtleneck crops. The turtleneck elongates her neck while the cropped top ensures she doesn’t look like she’s getting swallowed by blush cloth. Although her coat may look extraordinarily long, because it doesn’t reach her ankles and she is wearing heels, wahlah she looks taller! 


Heel It 

The easiest trick in the book is to wear heels. You can easily wear skyscraper heels, booties, or wedges to give yourself that extra oomph! Victoria Beckham wears an all black outfit with booties for some extra height and doesn’t even let baby Harper interfere with completing her look. 


What are your tricks to adding extra height?

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Alicia Hall Douglin is the writer behind the Fashion Hall. She’s a fashion enthusiast, lipstick junkie, and nail addict. Her weaknesses are oversized sweaters, tiaras, gold jewelry, and nude anything! She appreciates beauty and tries to create it as much as possible. Follow her on this ultra stylish journey down The Fashion Hall.

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