Gone Girl: Why I Love the Book & Hate the Movie

Many of you have probably read Gone Girl years ago and sprinted to the theaters when the movie was released. I was a bit late to the frenzy but decided to find out what’s got everyone buzzing. After Christmas, I began to read Gone Girl and devoured the pages like it was the last supper! I was hooked and was finished with the book in a couple of weeks. 


Why I loved the book….

The author, Gillian Flynn, narrates her characters in a hauntingly relatable way. Any woman will tell you how being cheated on is heart breaking and even unforgivable–sharing Amy’s disdain for this hurtful act was relatable. Some women may punish their men by demanding they shower them with diamonds, some become control freaks and monitor their every move, and others simply leave. Not Amy! The lines of relatable and psychopath easily got blurred as readers learned Amy staged a kidnap/murder.

One minute her voice was funny, sarcastic, witty, confident, and rational. The next, Amy reveals she is truly insane. For seven years she wrote in a journal illustrating how her marriage took a turn for the worst. She befriended townies who could vouch her character. The girl even clogged a toilet to steal her pregnant bestie’s urine. But you had to give her snaps she was committed! Though I couldn’t agree with Nick’s punishment for betraying Amy, listening to her thoughts was intriguing. Seriously, this is the blueprint on How to Get Away with Murder

Despite Amy being quite the master mind, she isn’t the only interesting character. From Nick to Desi to Amy’s parents, everyone adds their own oddities to the plot. Flynn’s writing style is fluid and her character’s thought processes are completely organic. Though they are pretty bizarre their reasonings are justified and their memories become yours. 

Why I hated the movie…..

Okay, so maybe it’s a bit dramatic to say I hated the movie but it didn’t completely sit well with me. The problem with making a movie out of the book is that they are entirely two different universes. I fell in love with the characters from the book and like any other human being, had my own interpretation of their appearances, voices, and mannerisms. So when Betsy and Tanner were merged into the character of Tyler Perry I was a bit disappointed. Though he did a phenomenal job!

However, I get Hollywood. Though the majority of movie goers read the book there was still a handful who didn’t. The movie has to be understandable to anyone. Like how Amy’s fake besty was so admin on sharing the truth about Amy and Nick’s marriage to the police. It only made sense to portray her as such in the movie. 

Aside from the obvious, if you pretend the book doesn’t exist (which you can’t) the movie was great. The pictography and music set the mood. I was able to experience Nick’s odd behavior. The murder scene was fantastical. I will admit some scenes were spot on the book or even better. 

We’ve all watched Snapped and tried to enter the minds of murderous wives but seeing Amy get away with it was absolutely genius. Her tone is distinctive and enticing. Unfortunately, reading the book first made me appreciate the movie less. If you’re a Gone Girl virgin, I’d suggest watching the movie first then reading it. 

Who had the better ending?

In the end the book broke my heart a million times more than the movie ever could. There was more of a fight to out Amy and seek justice. And when Nick was defeated you could feel it in the pit of your stomach. The book will torment you and you might even reconsider the whole institution of marriage. 

Not what you expected me to type-speak? Life is an unexpected journey… ask Amazing Amy!

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