A Rustic Chic Perspective with Hometalk Hannah

Fashion and style extends far past our bodies and into our living environments. No wonder I’m obsessed with interior design. The same way we measure our jeans, dresses, shoes, and jewelry, we also measure couches, dining room tables, bed sets, art, and curtains to fit our homes. You can literally dress a room from head to toe with curtains, lighting, rugs, end tables, mirrors, art, and furniture.

I’ve recently had the pleasure of picking the brain of Hannah, a Hometalk Community Manager and interior design expert! She had so much to share that we can all learn from when tackling our next project. See what she has to say about interior design and stepping out of your comfort zones.

 Fashion Hall: What’s your signature style?

Hannah: I would say it’s definitely a rustic chic. I adore natural wood mixed with refined, light ethereal pieces. Just the right amount of masculinity and femininity.

Fashion Hall: What’s your ultimate dream makeover?

Hannah: I would love for some of my favorite decor bloggers to come in and just re-do my apartment! Give me The Vintage Whites gorgeous, etherial effortless styling mixed with The Heathered Nest’s daring design. And all furniture from Brepurposed and The Weathered Door. OMG I would have a rustic-chic OASIS!


Fashion Hall: Where do you find inspiration for home decor?

Hannah: Not to be cliche, but honestly HOMETALK! I spend hours and hours just taking in all the fabulous decor and projects. Working here and spending time on the site has really helped me hone in on what my style is and is not. People are so inspiring on here. Other places I find inspiration is living in Brooklyn. There are so many cool, eclectically decorated restaurants and bars that inspire me as well.

Fashion Hall: How committed are you to following trends?

Hannah: I’m neither here nor there on trends. I get natural wood is a definite trend right now, like butcher block countertops and copper. However, if they were never trends I may have never realized how much I LOVE them! I say, don’t hate on a trend- let it inspire you and decide if it’s something you love or hate. 

kitchen room
via Cherished Bliss

Fashion Hall: What color combinations do you think always compliment each other?

 Hannah: I love white and gold. I have always adored the combination and think gold details on white is perfection.

Fashion Hall: Where do you go furniture and decor shopping?

Hannah: Don’t make fun, but Target! Seriously they have stepped up their furniture and decor like no ones business! Also, I’m a 25 year old single gal living in NYC, Target and Ikea is as fancy as I get. However, I do love CB2, Restoration Hardware, One Kings Lane etc, but there are so many fabulous knock-offs on Hometalk for furniture from there I figure- why pay all that money?!

Fashion Hall: What’s your favorite accessory in your home right now?

 Hannah: I got this amazing, natural wood, rustic drop leaf table for my kitchen from Target and it is seriously so amazing! It was on sale for $55 and my mind was BLOWN- it could easily pass for a Restoration Hardware piece. Also, my bedroom has a little exposed brick which is such a lovely touch.

via Vintage Whites

Fashion Hall: What do you consider a big no-no?

Hannah: Not stepping out of your comfort zone! Whether it be in trying to styles or just life in general! For example, I have never considered myself a crafty person AT ALL. However, when I started attempting to recreate projects from other Hometalkers I was shocked at how well they turned out. I was so afraid I would waste money and they’d be a huge fail, but they weren’t! Try something new, switch it up- you only live once 🙂


Fashion Hall: Any advice who people who are having trouble finding inspiration/themes to decorate?

Hannah: Get on Hometalk. My goodness- if you need inspiration this is seriously the place for it. I leave work everyday so inspired by people who aren’t afraid to take on projects. It’s made me realize my decor taste as well as what my dream home will look like one day….now when is that day again!? Let’s hope it hurries up! 😉

Fashion Hall: Wow, I got a lot more than I bargained for and you can too if you follow Hannah’s tips! Inexpensive or gently used furniture can work wonders in the proper setting. Don’t be afraid to venture out and mix different styles together, you’ll be surprised! 

Obsessed with Hannah’s inspirations? Follow her Hometalk account to see the latest crafts and home makeovers. Thank you again Hannah!

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Alicia Hall Douglin is the writer behind the Fashion Hall. She’s a fashion enthusiast, lipstick junkie, and nail addict. Her weaknesses are oversized sweaters, tiaras, gold jewelry, and nude anything! She appreciates beauty and tries to create it as much as possible. Follow her on this ultra stylish journey down The Fashion Hall.

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