Top 10 Spring Colors for 2015

As you all know, each year Pantone releases two sets of colors for the Spring and Fall. Marsala was named the color of the year but there are nine other colors it’d be a sin not to add to your wardrobe. Check out the which colors designers are releasing their Spring collections in, in ascending order. 

via The Perfect Palette

As a self-proclaimed fashionista I must say I am excited to wear them all. Of course colors like toasted almond, lucite green, custard, strawberry ice, and scuba blue are at the top of my list, but I honestly think its vital to rock them all. This is probably the first time that I’ve felt confident about all of these colors. Each color does one of two things in regards to my comfort zone: 1- take me out of it or 2- amplify it! 

Have a look at what trends I’m dying to wear in my favorite Spring hues: 

1) Aquamarine 

Aquamarine is powder blue’s younger brother. It holds the innocence of a newborn but depending on the cut can be quite racy. Still aquamarine holds elegance and poise. Though white lace will be huge this season it’s refreshing to see the trend in blue. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 2.18.06 PM
via Jolly Chic

2) Scuba Blue

Scuba Blue is reminiscent of the tropics and the very much anticipated summer. It looks cool and preparing an outfit around this look will be a breeze. I love scuba blue in the form of a dress, skirt, and bathing suit. You can easily pair it with tans, whites, and black for a clean look. 

via Celebrity Fashionista

3) Lucite Green

 I’d say Lucite Green is the epitome of Spring. From Easter to baby showers to garden parties, this light hue of green is what the Spring is all about. Chiffon skirts in lucite green are darling for most events you’re bound to encounter this season. Play around with this pastel vibe and pair it with a blush or nude clutch.  

via Hot Beauty Health

4) Classic Blue

Classic blue is another color you can expect to see from your favorite designers. There’s just something royal or grand about wearing this color with black and whites. But this is season people are testing fashion limits by parading in this color with yellows, magentas, and even greens.

via Hallie Daily 

5) Toasted Almond

Toasted Almond is probably the color I’m most excited to wear. From nails to shoes, this nudish hue is very lady like. I love seeing this color in wide leg pants. There are effortless and flowing which is what designers are aiming for this time around. Toasted Almond is a conservative color I can’t wait to rock in liberal cuts!

via Violet Street

6) Strawberry Ice

There’s something absolutely stunning about this shade of pink. It’s calming and sophisticated all the whole, striking in its subtly. Although my room, phone cover, MacBook cover, beloved lipsticks, and some pieces of statement jewelry are all splashed in different shades of pink, I have not always been a fan of actually wearing it. That’s all going to change this time around! Whether I’m sporting a beautiful peplum dress as the one featured below or a chiffon maxi skirt, I’m all in! This is also a sweet wedding color. 

via Stylosophy

7) Tangerine

Orange has been another color I rarely wear as attire. Tangerine, on the other hand, is vibrant, muted, and exciting. I will most likely wear a white and tangerine combo. But I admired how it can make a statement paired with abstract black lines.

via Lingerissimi

8) Custard

To me, custard is usually that disgusting dish everyone serves at bridal showers that I try to avoid at all costs. However, these delicious looks changed my mind completely about this color. I love each look has a bold black to roughen this soft yellow up. I plan to wear custard pencil skirts and crop tops for the Spring and Summer. 

via Fashion Meets Beauty

9) Marsala

Round of applause for Marsala the color of the year! No matter what the season, a dark lip, shoe, clutch, or dress is essential. Marsala is perfect for nights out and big events. It can also be toned down for the day. A fun day time look can be a sleeveless marsala dress with khaki colored sandals.

via SFGate

  10) Glacier Gray 

Gray has become the new black in my book. Speckled and solid grays have dominated my closet for the Fall and Winter, I’m eager to see this color lighten up for Spring. I love a gray maxi dress or crop top.

via Fashionisers
via Fashionisers

Are you loving these colors as much as I am? Which ones will you wear for the warmer seasons?

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