7 Nail Colors to Go With Every Outfit

Every two to three weeks most women make one of the biggest, most stressful decisions of their lives. They decide which nail polish color they will change to! While many of us follow our favorite nail designers on Instagram or have pinned at least five potential ideas on Pinterest, there is still a ton of pressure as we sit in that chair. Why? Because it’d be tragic to choose a nail color we easily grow tired of or worst, that clashes with the majority of our outfits. 

I’ve heard of many solutions to avoid these mini dilemmas. From nail polish strips to the home gel polish kits. Although I’ve never dabbled in the likes, the truth is I’m just not that kind of girl. I despise doing my own nails, I just wasn’t born with that kind of talent or patience. If you can relate to the struggle, check out 7 nail polish colors that compliment any and every outfit! 


Of course you want your nails to stand out but not for the wrong reasons! People will definitely do a double take when you wear nude nails. There’s just something sexy about being subtle. Long or short nude nails look great with everything!

via Skinny Mom


Blush nails are so effeminate and sweet. Fleshly hues of polish are subtle enough not to overpower your wardrobe and a color you’re bound to be obsessed with. Fashion trends have certainly embraced this color in the form of leather jackets, pointed heels, handbags, and clutches. 

via Pinterest


Translucent nails are like nude and blush had a clear baby! I especially love rocking this look in almond or stiletto shaped nails. They have an animalistic yet refined vibe going on.

via Buzznet


Looking for some understated elegance? Then try shades of grey! As we get older and learn there’s more to life than hot pinks and fire truck reds, we grow to appreciate what a gem grey really is. Sold on the color but need some edge? A matte grey will do you just fine. 

via Pinterest


Brown is another hidden treasure. It may not seem like much but a brown gel manicure will change your life! It has a sophisticated flair going on and makes you feel like such a mature adult. 

via Websta


White nails are angelic, classy, and so versatile. It can make basic colored outfits pop. It’s also fun to accessorize jewelry with such a plain nail. 

via Lacey Fashionista


I love how edgy and cool black nail polishes are. Though they’re bold and have a mind of their own there’s very little (to nothing) black can’t go with. 

black nails
via Pretty Designs

 Loving these polishes? What are your go-to colors when trying to match your outfits?

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Alicia Hall Douglin is the writer behind the Fashion Hall. She’s a fashion enthusiast, lipstick junkie, and nail addict. Her weaknesses are oversized sweaters, tiaras, gold jewelry, and nude anything! She appreciates beauty and tries to create it as much as possible. Follow her on this ultra stylish journey down The Fashion Hall.

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