Chokers Big Come Back!

It’s no surprise that trends recycle themselves. We aren’t as original as we’d like to think. Our style is our parent’s style. Only a more refined and way better version. From the plaids to wide rim glasses to Chuck Taylor’s. Even our lingo is borrowed. 

But now we’re remixing a trend from our lifetime. Chokers! Back in velour two pieces, flavored lip gloss, and Spice Girl days. Remember how cool we were? I never thought these would go out of style and now they’ve gotten a makeover.


Celebrities have been rocking chokers quite recently and put their own twist on them. They can be worn from Black Tie events to everyday style. Check out 90’s chokers transformation and how to wear them today!  





L.A. Launch Of Frank Gerhy Designed Battersea Power Station

What do you think? Still into chokers?

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Alicia Hall Douglin is the writer behind the Fashion Hall. She’s a fashion enthusiast, lipstick junkie, and nail addict. Her weaknesses are oversized sweaters, tiaras, gold jewelry, and nude anything! She appreciates beauty and tries to create it as much as possible. Follow her on this ultra stylish journey down The Fashion Hall.

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