Kwoller: Extinction of Window Shopping?

We’re all guilty of looking at images all day erday from Facebook to Instagram to Pinterest, and who can forget Tumblr? The list goes on! Hey, we’re all visual learners and there’s nothing better than learning when your favorite items go on sale.

If you’re a shopaholic then you already spend countless hours on your beloved apparel sites planning your next purchase. Now there’s a mobile app, Kwoller, to accelerate your shopping experience and encourage impulse buys. Sounds dangerous!



“Window shopping is so last season”. Once again, technology has eliminated a physical activity and replaced it with comfort and convenience. Now you can simply browse what’s available at the palm of your hand. Search fashion brands to see what’s out on the market.

When you like what you see, add images to your Love List. You will then be notified when the items on this list go on sale. If you can’t wait any longer then type in your credit card numbers and move on with your day honey!


WARNING: Downloading this application may cause frivolous spending, expand debt, and constant desire for more.

You’ve been warned. Shop responsibly!

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Alicia Hall Douglin is the writer behind the Fashion Hall. She’s a fashion enthusiast, lipstick junkie, and nail addict. Her weaknesses are oversized sweaters, tiaras, gold jewelry, and nude anything! She appreciates beauty and tries to create it as much as possible. Follow her on this ultra stylish journey down The Fashion Hall.

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